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  • Get Organized!
    We recommend organizing a guest list of all your guests full names, address and zip codes. Give yourself time to confirm any questionable spellings and vital information to plan accordingly. This will make your ordering process for save-the-dates and invitations easier. Determine your estimated mailing and RSVP date. Check with your caterer for the date your final headcount is due to them, and add a little extra time for those who do not adhere to the RSVP deadline. You may need to call and inquire as to their response - it is unfortunate this happens, but not untypical. Order all day-of-paper goods at least 4 weeks prior to event date. This includes, but not limited to, seating cards, ceremony programs, beverage and guest napkins, etc.
  • Consultation
    METHOD In Person, Email, Voice Phone or Virtual consultation is complimentary. HELP US TO HELP YOU Emailing details at least 5 days before appointment will help to maximize your consultation time with our preliminary preparation. INSPIRATION Show your inspiration photos, Pinterest Board, Dress, Flowers, Colors, Location, Time of Day, etc... BUDGET By providing us with your budget and expectations for components and services before appointment, along with your Inspiration may help us hone in on invitations to show you at the consultation.
  • Investment Cost of Invitations
    Invitation packages are custom created since each couple vary from couple to couple. Many factors go into pricing an invitation, such as quantity, quality, papers/materials, print method, style features, embellishments, production, complexity, brand, designers, card types, and more. Invitations can be simple to extravagent and vary based on many factors. Minimum investment is $3,000 for custom stationery packages. The average AATRBM couple spends $5,500 for their dream stationery.
  • When should I send Save-the-Dates?
    For local weddings, we recommend sending Save-the-Dates 6-8 months prior. For destination weddings, we recommend sending Save-the-Dates 8-12 months prior with a website link your guests can refer to as they make travel arrangements.
  • How early is too early to start looking for wedding invitations?
    Planning is essential to achieving the best results. It is better to be early, than to be late. I recommend finalizing your complete guest address list seven months prior to your wedding date, so you can order no later than six months before your wedding. date.
  • When to order invitations?
    *We recommend ordering invitations 4-6 months prior to event date. Be 100% certain no details as to ceremony time, reception time, location(s) and your guest list will not change after ordering invitations. Invitations can roughly take appxoimately 3-12 weeks after final approval of the proof, depending on the degree of customization, not including shipping time. *As we are in a pandemic, there are labor and resource shortages with may of the invitation companies. We recommend ordering your invitations 6 months prior.
  • How many invitations should you order?
    Count: 1+ per household, unless grown children will receive their own invitation too. 2-3 for keepsakes 1-2 for the photographer and videographer 5-10 extra invitations and enclosures (in case you expand your guest list or if one gets lost in the mail), and add 20% extra envelopes, especially when self-addressing or hiring a calligrapher) for addressing mess-ups). It is far less costly to order the additional invitations, enclosures, and envelopes with the original order. If additional quantities are needed after proof approval process has been completed, it will be considered a "new order" and in the end wiill wnd up costing you much more than if you had made the initial investment by ordering more at the iniital order. A "re-order" of additional components would be treated as a "new order," using the same proof files as the previous print job, and minimums typically apply.
  • Artwork - Camera Ready
    Photos provide a unique and beautiful image to enhance wedding stationery into a custom creation. If you are ordering photo invitations, please refer to these photo tips: If you are using a digital camera: * Please turn off the date stamp. * Please set the camera to the highest resolution. * Natural light is best. Try to take a photo during peak daylight hours. * If using a flash, stay in the flash range. Pictures taken out of flash range will be too dark. * If you don't know your flash range, take the picture no further than five feet away. Backgrounds: * Solid color backgrounds are best. Patterns can take away from features and be distracting. * Black or white fabric that is not sheer and does not have shimmer and using natural lighting creates a beautiful shot! * Capturing the moment, instead of posting, makes excellent photos. * Specific aspects such as a baby's tiny hands, feet, ears, etc., are adorable! Taking the Picture: * Stand reasonably close, but not too close, above the object, or the picture could be out of focus. * If the picture is of people, the subjects may or may not want to look directly at the camera. * Try several different angles. * You can take several delayed shots of the same position, which allows for movement and expression changes. * If you are taking a baby picture, focus on the baby in the picture; your goal is to fill the picture area with your baby's body. Sending the Finished Picture: * When using a scanner, please clean the scanner top first. Any dust on the scanner will pick up on the picture you send. Scan pictures at 600 dpi, in color, for the best resolution/type of picture. * The file sizes of the pictures should be LARGE. Trying sending only 1-3 pictures per email to prevent the email system from shrinking pictures. * Send pictures in natural color. In some cases, we may change them to black & white or sepia. For the highest quality printed product, we recommend the following: FILE TYPE: Vendor requirements vary. Please consult your invitation consultant for version needed for photos, logos, motifs, or images to determine what is acceptable. DPI (dots per inch): 300 DPI, may be acceptable, but preferably 600 DPI or greater is best COLOR PROFILE: sRGB
  • How far in advance should we request the RSVP deadline?
    We recommend setting the RSVP deadline 4-6 weeks before wedding or evnet, to allow enough time for follow-up calls, seating arrangements, and prividng guarantee numbers to caterers, planners, florists/decors and linen rental companies.
  • Typography/Fonts
    Each invitation company has their own font selections available. Please consult for available fonts. Remember, legibility is very important. It's always best to avoid to much confusion by the receipients as possible with important information. Always double-check and triple-check your proofs and address list to make sure everything is spelled out correctly. We're human and can make mistakes!
  • Proofs
    Upon receipt of signed agreement and retainer payment, your order will be entered for a proof to be created for invitations within approximately 7 business days. Proofs will be emailed to you for your final review and approval. During this time, the order will be placed on hold until your approval is received back. Once your final approval is received, it will be moved into the production phase for printing. * Rush proofs are based on availability, when order is placed, and when it moves into the production phase. Please consult for additional questions.
  • When to mail invitations?
    Invitations should be mailed to your guests 6-12 weeks before the big day. Using the below recommendations, use the further time mailing based on your guest list. Mail 6-8 weeks in advance of event - if all guests are local only Mail 8-10 weeks in advance of event - if out of town, but all within the U.S.A. Mail 10-12 weeks in advance of event - if some guests include out of the country. If wedding or mail date falls close to holiday season, we recommend sending them slightly ealier to allow for extended postal processl times, guest travel arrangements, etc.
  • Postage
    We highly recommend having your local U.S.P.S. branch office assess postage needed for reply and outer envelopes. They can verify the correct postage for the size, wight and thickness of your invitation. Mailings for out of the country, should also be assessed by the U.S.P.S.. (Note: for those envelopes going to guests out of the country, you do not need to affix a stamp on the reply card envelope. The recipients will need to obtain stamps from their respective countries.)
  • Response Card Tips
    Check out our blog post on response card tips.
  • Tissue paper
    Check out our blog on the history of tissue paper
  • Addressing Envelopes
    Address outer envelopes, inner envelopes (if applicable), and the response envelope by hand. Use calligraphy if possible. Addressing service is an optional add-on. Please inquire for additional pricing.
  • Invitation Assembly
    Check out our blog on Invitation Assembly. Invitation assembly refers to affixing layers, embellishments, etc. Some invitation lines come already assembly, and some require assembly. Should you require assembly, that is not included, please consult for additional costs, which vary on complexity and time. For white glove envelope stuffing, please see separate FAQ for additional pricing.
  • White Glove Envelope Stuffing
    Check out or blog on our White Glove envelope stuffing. Additional services for envelope stuffing are available. Please consult for cost, which varies depending on complexity and time. Starting at $100.00 per hour. Postage Stamps are not included. Please consult for pricing.
  • USPS Stamps
    The Post Office offers a wide variety of stamp that can be used for your invitations. It is highly recommended to have the USPS facility assess proper postage fees on an assembled invitation before buying stamps. Usually with the weight of invitations, multiple stamps need to be used to add up to the correct postage needed, or buy the highest amount assessed in the stamp available (if possible). The best thing about using stamps from the Post Office is that there are no mark ups on the stamps. or (Note: we recommend checking with the post office to confirm if they still own this site). A fun and creative way to customize your envelopes is to use Vintage stamps. *please note that custom designed stamps have been discontinued by USPS as of June 8, 2020.
  • Hand-canceling
    Check out our blog post on hand-canceling .
  • Affiliates
    As an affiliate, we do not have an account to make purchases on your behalf. We receive a minimal commission for advertising their businesses and you will redirected with the link to purchase directly on their site.
  • Shipping Locations
    Yes! We work with couples and clients across the contiguous U.S.A.
  • Acceptable Forms of Payment
    CREDIT CARDS: We send invoices through our online system to pay directly online. We accept most major credit cards (American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card) LOCAL BANK CHECK You can mail a local bank check. There is a 10 day holding period after payment is received before order is placed. Please consult for arrangements. CASH If you are in the South Florida area, cash payments are always accepted. Please consult for arrangements.
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: Regarding Sales and Use Tax
    We collect and remit sales tax for shipments delivered in the State of Florida. We are not required to and do not collect sales tax in other states. Shipments to other states may be subject to sales or use tax unless the purchase is specifically exempt. Please note that there is no exemption from state sales or use tax based merely on the fact that a purchase is made over the Internet, by catalog, or by other remote means. Some states require that a consumer declare sales or use tax to be paid annually on the appropriate tax forms. Additional information may be found on the respective Department of Revenue website.
  • Contact Us
    Best methods to reach out is email or phone: Email: Voice Phone: (954) 306-5999. Business Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM. EST. In-person or virtual appointments available day, eve, and Saturday mornings by appointment only. If you would like to set up a consultation, please use our Contact Us - Get In Touch Form.


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