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Updated: Jul 23, 2020

In March 2020, day-to-day life has come to a screening halt! Though it may have been difficult to make the decision to postpone, there are still reasons to celebrate a joyous occasion and the planning is something that may get you through some difficult days. Making new memories that will last a lifetime is and is certainly a way to deal with stress.

Stay in Touch!

Regardless of where you are in the wedding process, staying in touch and providing clear & concise communication between you and your guests is essential.

· Ensure you have your guests contact information

· Create a wedding website if you do not already have one

· Post updates via your wedding website, a private Facebook or Instagram page (invited & approved members by the host only), and email is a perfect way to keep your guests informed as to changes.

· Create or use a WhatsApp group if you are having a wedding out of the country or for your International guests.

· Send a postponement card.

8 ways to communicate an event postponement during a pandemic

Formal Event Ideas

1. Change the Date – Make new invitations (stamps additional)

2. Enclosure Cards – Announce the change on an RSVP / Reception / Information Card. These are small cards (Make sure to add envelope and printing on back flap of envelope. (stamps additional)

Informal Event Ideas

3. Postcards – Slightly larger than enclosure cards. Perfect for simple changes with a cost savings

benefit (stamps additional)

4. Email – Quick, informative, efficient, and free.

5. Paperless Post – Though we do not normally recommend electronic invitations, since an

invitation does set the tone for being the first prelude to the event, Paperless Post does an

excellent job with beautifully designed electronic invites. If you are looking for something free or

low cost, but prettier than an email to announce a change of date, this is it!

6. Facebook – Great for social events like weddings and anniversary parties. Just create an event

and change the headline to Change the Date with all the necessary details. Make sure to lock

the option for your guests to invite other guests.

7. Text – Although it is super casual, it is easy, efficient, and economical. Text is best for information

gathering like birthday parties.

8. Sticker – For invitations purchased and sealed before they are mailed, here is an idea if you wish to continue using your current invitation and have your rescheduled date. You, your wedding planner or invitation consultant can create a sticker that reads “We hope to see you on “X” date,

and request you include your email address on the RSVP card so we can reach you with updated

information”. You may decide to purchase new invitations, but this cost savings idea is an option you may consider. Your guests will be forgiving in this fluid society of this pandemic.


If your wedding date has not changed, but the date is being monitored:

If you have a new postponed wedding date, sent after Save The Date:

If you have a new postponed wedding date, create extra reception card and send with original printed invitation that has not yet been sent (if envelopes have not been sealed):

If you must postpone your wedding date, and have the new date or not, but envelopes for invites have been sealed, you can print labels and affix to backside of invitation envelope so guest can see remarks:

For further guidance, please consult your invitation consultant.

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