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Response Card Tip

Updated: May 5, 2021

If you include a response card, give your guest a "Secret Number"!

A little trick that brides and hosts find very helpful. Some guests may forget to write their names on the response card. The best way to keep track of who responds and who does not, make a list of your guests with a number assigned to each character. Mark the corresponding number in pencil in the corner (small number) on the back (or in an inconspicuous area) of each response card. Should you receive a response card back without the person's name on it, you will quickly know who has replied by simply turning the card over and comparing the number on the back to the name on your list. Also, it is a time saver and splitting head technique trying to read everyone's fancy and illegible handwriting.

Extra tip: If you want to be discrete, you can use an invisible or ultraviolet ink that will glow bright blue under a blacklight. This way, the recipient is sure not to see any evidence of your organization's process.


We recommend deadlines of 4-6 weeks before the event date. It was traditionally a two-week deadline. However, our generation and the younger are not so in tune with etiquette. Adding a deadline will allow the host to follow up with guests who have not replied to confirm an accurate headcount to the caterer, floral designer, and rental companies.

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