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Quantity of Invitation (Series 1 - Part 2 of 4)

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

When I first receive a call from a couple, I tend to ask a few questions about their wedding – the date, the venue for the ceremony and reception, the color scheme, and the overall theme. It's vital to have essential logistics nailed down before ordering wedding invitations.

Along with the essential logistics, knowing who the point of contact to get the invitation process will keep the guesswork down. Begin compiling your guest list, so you will have a rough estimate of how many invitations you will need for your quote. You do not necessarily need each name and address to begin the process, though you should know the total number well.

Remember to count 1 per household, not per guest – or you'll end up with many extras! Figure in 2-3 for keepsakes, 1-2 for the photographer, 5-10 extra invitations & enclosures (in case you expand your guest list or if one gets lost in the mail), and 20% extra envelopes (Ex. If ordering 100 invitations, add 20 extra envelopes in case of addressing mess-ups).

Ordering the additional invitations, enclosures, and envelopes with the original order is far less costly. The minimum order included in the agreement is not subject to reduction, though you may increase the quantity before or during the proof approval process only. If an additional order is needed, it will be considered a "new order" and, in the end, will cost you much more than if you had made the initial investment by ordering more on the initial order.

Stay tuned for Part III – Why do I need the Post Office to assess the postage? And where do I buy stamps?

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