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Preparing for your Invitation Appointment

Your time is precious in preparing for your upcoming wedding. To make the most out of your time, here are a few things to prepare for your invitation appointment.

Firstly, your invitation consultant is there to assist you in finding just the perfect invitation to set the tone for your special event. Any information you can provide to your consultant in advance is going to maximize the effectiveness of your overall experience. Maximizing your time and minimizing your stress is the key to a seamless and effortless meeting. A few things to consider and share with your invitation consultant before your appointment.


Your invitation is the prelude to set the tone for your wedding. It is the first item people will see that will give a glimpse into your overall feel and style of your event. It will give your guests a clear indication of the type of wedding it will be. Weather its casual, formal, black tie or something in between. With thousands of invitation styles out there, finding the right one to evoke the overall feel is no small fete.

What is the theme of your wedding?

Shape Preference (i.e. Vertical, Horizontal or Square)

Type of Paper (i.e. Classic, Luxe, Trendy)

Type of Printing (i.e. Digital, Thermography, Foil, Letterpress)

Printing Direction (i.e. Vertical/Horizontal, Left Justified, Block, Right Justified)

Monogram / Designs (Yes or No)

Ribbon / Embellishments

Font Style (i.e. Block, Script, Flowy, Combo)

Do you have a Pinterest Board we can access? Seeing your style of

chosen invitations helps us find a path to search for invitations

that may best suit your palette.

Cohesive Coloring

What are your wedding colors? (i.e. flowers, linen, bridesmaid's dresses). If you have a swatch of your dress, or ribbon, please bring it with you to your appointment.

Paper Color (i.e. White, Ecru/Ivory, Color)

Ink Color (i.e. Black, Off-Black, Color)

Guest List

To become prepared for your appointment, it is a good idea to start your guest list now. Compiling all guest's names and addresses into an excel file will assist you, the invitation company or calligrapher address your envelopes. Having the invitation company or the calligrapher will save you time! Contact your invitation consultant for a template.


Wording an invitation is almost an art., as it is something you must consider because you do not want to offend anyone involved. The key question is who is paying for the wedding? Traditionally, or in the days of old, the parents of the bride would pay of the wedding. Nowadays, there are added expenses, it might be a combination of both sets of parents paying or helping the engaged couple or the couple may be paying for the wedding themselves. Therefore, the invitation should reflect the appropriate wording. There are millions of ways to word the invitation. Email in advance or bring your desired wording to discuss.

Invitation Costs...

The cost of an invitation is always one that will come up during discussion. With so many variables, it truly depends on what you choose. This main reason we ask you for your budget is to determine which line(s) of invitations would be best suited for your occasion and fit within or near your budget. We have a variety of invitations to suit a variety of budgets.

How Long...

Check out our blog post "When should you order your invitations?" will give you glimpse into who long the invitation process will take.

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