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Photo Images Invitations

Updated: 6 days ago

Photos provide a unique and beautiful image to enhance wedding stationery into a custom creation.

If you are ordering photo invitations, please refer to these photo tips:

If you are using a digital camera:

* Please turn off the date stamp.

* Please set the camera to the highest resolution.

* Natural light is best. Try to take a photo during peak daylight hours.

* If using a flash, stay in the flash range. Pictures taken out of flash range will

be too dark.

* If you don't know your flash range, take the picture no further than

five feet away.


* Solid color backgrounds are best. Patterns can take away from features and

be distracting.

* Black or white fabric that is not sheer and does not have shimmer, and using

natural lighting creates a beautiful shot!

* Capturing the moment, instead of posting, makes excellent photos.

* Specific aspects, such as a baby's tiny hands, feet, ears, etc., are adorable!

Taking the Picture:

* Stand reasonably close, but not too close, above the object, or the picture could be

out of focus.

* If the picture is of people, the subjects may or may not want to look directly

at the camera.

* Try several different angles.

* You can take several delayed shots of the same position, allowing movement

and expression changes.

* If you are taking a baby picture, focus on the baby in the picture; your

goal is to fill the picture area with your baby's body.

Sending the Finished Picture:

* When using a scanner, please clean the scanner top first. Any dust on the

scanner will pick up on the picture you send. Scan pictures at 600 dpi,

in color, for the best resolution/type of picture.

* The file sizes of the pictures should be LARGE. Trying sending only

1-3 pictures per email to prevent the email system from shrinking pictures.

* Send pictures in natural color. Sometimes, we may change them

to black & white or sepia.

For the highest quality printed product, we recommend the following:

FILE TYPE: Vendor requirements vary. Please consult your

invitation consultant for the version needed for photos,

logos, motifs, or images to determine what is acceptable.

DPI (dots per inch): 300 DPI may be acceptable, but preferably 600 DPI

or greater is best


Presented by: An Affair To Remember By Marci, LLC (2020)

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