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Eco-Chic Celebrations

Updated: May 10

Eco-Chic Celebrations:

Sustainable Stationery & Accessories for Your Dream Wedding or Event



In a world where environmental consciousness is becoming increasingly vital, many couples and event planners seek ways to reduce their carbon footprint while creating unforgettable moments. Every detail and enhancement can consider sustainable items, from invitations to decorations. In this blog post, we'll explore how eco-friendly stationery and accessories can elevate your wedding or event while positively impacting the planet.


The journey towards a sustainable celebration begins with the invitation. Opt for invitations made from cotton papers, recycled papers, or, better yet, plantable seed paper. These innovative alternatives reduce waste and allow guests to nurture beautiful flowers or herbs long after the event. While digital invitations offer convenience and efficiency, they may not always capture the unique tone and personality of the couple or the event as traditional paper invitations provide. Remember, this is the first tangible item your guests will experience before the wedding, which sets the tone for their expectations.

A7 Wrap Seed Paper Invitation

A7 Overlay Seed Paper Invitation

A7 Folder Seed Paper Invitation

Quad Fold Seed Paper Invitation

Folder with Pocket Seed Paper Invitation

Strip Reception Card

Strip Response Card Set

Plantable Seed Paper Letterpress Thank You Notes

Plantable Seed Paper Program

Eco-Friendly Guest Book

Plantable Place Cards

Plantable Seed Paper Cones

Plantable Mini Pot Favors

Seed Bomb Favor Bags

Plantable Seed Paper Ornaments & Favors

Plantable Bookmarks

Pet Bio Urn


Set the scene for your special day with biodegradable decorations that are as kind to the environment as they are beautiful. Consider adorning your venue with freeze-dried flower petals, which provide the same stunning visual impact as fresh flowers without waste. For a festive touch, opt for biodegradable confetti made from materials such as rice paper or dried leaves, ensuring that every celebratory toss is gentle on the planet. Edible flowers are another delightful option, adding color and flavor to your décor while minimizing waste.


Show your appreciation to guests with thoughtful, sustainable favors that reflect your environmental commitment. Consider providing plantable kippot, allowing guests to plant sustainable yarmulkes after the event and watch wildflowers bloom. Other eco-friendly favor ideas include locally sourced honey or jam in reusable glass jars, handmade soy candles in recyclable packaging, or seed packets that encourage guests to plan and grow greenery.


Add a touch of eco-chic flair to your celebration with upcycled accessories that showcase your commitment to sustainability. Repurpose vintage fabrics into napkins or table runners, use reclaimed wood for signage or photo booth backdrops, or incorporate recycled décor items for a unique and environmentally conscious aesthetic. By giving new life to old materials, you'll reduce waste and infuse your event with character and charm.


Reduce your event's carbon footprint by encouraging guests to carpool, use public transportation, or offset their travel emissions through carbon offset programs. Consider hosting your ceremony and reception at a single venue to minimize transportation needs and maximize convenience for guests. Another option is to arrange EV transportation to and from the venue for your guests if it is not on-site by the host hotel. By prioritizing sustainable transportation options, you'll reduce the environmental impact of your celebration while setting a positive example for your guests.


Planning a sustainable wedding or event doesn't mean sacrificing style or elegance. Incorporating eco-friendly stationery and accessories into your celebration can create unforgettable moments while positively impacting the planet. Whether it's recycled invitations, biodegradable decorations, or upcycled accessories, every choice you make contributes to a more sustainable future. Let's celebrate love and the planet in style!

Marci Guttenberg, CPCE, CWP

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