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Assessing Postage and Buying Stamps (Series 1 - Part 3 of 4)

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Be sure to verify questionable zip codes and bring your assembled invitation ensemble to your local post office assessing proper postage amount needed for your assembled invitation and response set just prior to sending them out to ensure you don’t over-or-underpay for that postage.

Make sure the post office is not planning to increase postage between the time of postage assessment and mailing them out.

Due to weight, dimensions (i.e. square or oversized), paper weight, embellishments, and a variety of other postal regulations, it is important to have the United States Post Office assess proper postage requirements before selecting an attractive postage stamp that will compliment your invitation ensemble. The last think you want is for wedding invitations to be returned for insufficient postage.

If your invitations are returned for insufficient postage, your envelopes will be ruined and redoing them will not only cost you more money but will interfere with your time frame. While at the post office, ask the postal clerk to show you their beautiful wedding stamps.

Ask what's available at your local post office, or browse through a wider variety at the U.S. Postal Service approved website: or Personalized stamps (i.e. photograph, monogram or logo) are available online. Be sure to verify validity of using these stamps with your local post office, as some stamp companies are not accepted.


If you order a vertical invitation, address the envelopes horizontally to save on additional postage.

If you are including response cards with your invitations, include stamps on the return envelope to avoid any return delays.


For International Invitations, have the post office print a postage label for exterior envelope. Guests would need to provide their own postage for the RSVP envelope from their respective countries, as the USPS does not sell stamps from other countries.

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