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Step One:      HAVE YOUR DATE - LET'S CHAT! Topic: Dreams, Desires, and Needs based on the overall occasion

Step Two:       INITIAL CONSULTATION Topic: Creative Aesthetics!

  • A complimentary session of up to one hour in person, by telephone, or via Zoom with Marci. Here, we will discuss the creativity of your invitation suite and choose one or two designs to create up to three package options per design. 

Step Three:    THE BUSINESS-Y STUFF - Topic: The Three P’s: Paper, Process, and Price.

  • After consultation, the client will receive package options for review and selection, typically within three to five business days – though we will always be sure to update with accurate time for your specific project.

  • Once we arrive at a package decision, final specifications on content/wording will be needed (As an expert, I’m always happy to help!)

  • We will send a contract for signature and an invoice for a 70% retainer payment using Rock Paper Coin (our CRM), typically, 2-3 business days after package selection.


Step Four:      DESIGN – Topic: Proof Process

  • We will create a digital proof for final edits/approval.

  • Typically, 3-5 business days; again, we will keep you posted.


Step Five:       PRODUCTION – Topic: The client can sit back!

  • Once proofs are approved, we will curate supplies, and production will commence.

  • Depending on the final package selection, assembly/envelope stuffing may take place,

  • Typically, 4-8 weeks, depending on complexity.


Step Six:         PULLING IT ALL TOGETHER Topic: Final Payment and Your Invitation

  • We will adjust the final payment due date once the product is complete. We will send the invoice for the client to make the final payment via Rock Paper Coin.

  • The pickup or delivery of your invitations will commence.


Step Seven:    LET'S STAY CONNECTED! Topic: The good stuff!

  • I love staying connected with my clients—many of whom I have done multiple events over the many years as a stationer. We chat about life, gorgeous photos you send us, family updates, and maybe even celebrate more milestones together (new homes! babies! new business, and more!).

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