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C. Ray's Thought Pops are an exciting addition to add to any virtual event for some online fun or photo booth. Choose from amongst an array of designs or create your own. These interesting little packets are great to share with friends, family and colleagues to state our thoughts in a clear, concise and fun way. Let your "Thoughts Pop" out, for a more interactive and dynamic results!  Below is just a small sampling of the many designs available, more options will be available on the main site. Click the image below and shop directly on their site.  In the referral area, make sure to mention: AATRBM or An Affair To Remember By Marci.

Wedding Thought Pops.jpg

Rescue Flats

Luxury Dancing Slipper Wedding Favors in Assorted Colors / Folded Ballet Flats

Clever idea, Rescue Flats is a box full of comfy ballet flats in various sizes for your guests to change into so they can dance the night away with you. But more than that each box comes with a supply of heel bags that your guests can safely store their heels in to carry home at the end for the night. 


Water-soluble and completely biodegradable confetti - either hose it away or let nature help with the cleanup. Economical and an environmental friendly alternative to rice or birdseed, no slipping or staining, and flutters easily to the ground.

Vibrant Fluffy Colors (vibrant orange, vibrant yellow, vibrant purple, snow-white, hot pink, periwinkle blue, and shamrock)

Beautiful Pastel Rice Cut (aqua, light green, peach, light mauve, white and pretty pink).

Carlson Craft - Hortense B Hewitt

Carlson Craft - Hortense B Hewitt

Carlson Craft - Hortense B Hewitt

Favors by Lisa

Ivy Lane Design

Favors by Lisa

"Curated, Creative, and Custom Invitations,

Favors and Accessories From Traditional Elegance to

Distinctively Chic. Set the tone for Your Event!"

(954) 306-5999


Pompano Beach/Fort Lauderdale, FL

serving the contiguous U.S.A.

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